Big Shed is an audio + media production shop run by
Shea Shackelford, Jennifer Deer, and Jesse Dukes.

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Our Work
Our work for public radio has aired on National Public Radio shows includuing All things Considered and Weekend Edition, as well as other national shows like Studio 360 and Weekend America. We also produce audio and multimedia work for the web and on occassion print.

Professional Services
We also create and assist in the creation of a variety of audio and media projects for clients:
  • Podcast Production (everything from design to production and management)
  • Audio/Multimedia Slideshows (making sound and images work together)
  • Education and Training (including course development, workshops and training events)
  • Audio Installation Design (for museums, gallery, and other spaces)
  • Audio Project Management (whether for broadcast, the Internet, or even live, we've done it and can help you make it happen)

Our clients range greatly and include the Virginia Quarterly Review, Nasher Museum of Art, SpeakeasyDC, Center for Documentary Studies at Duke, and other amazing companies, organizations, and individual artists and producers.

Creative Enthusiasm
We love audio. We're passionate about exploring its possibilities. And we love to encourage other people to try it out. And from the Audio Square Dancing to the Poop + Memory Project, we find as many ways as possible to make it happen.

Our first project under the Big Shed banner was
The Big Shed Audio Documentary Podcast, started in 2005. We continue to proudly offer this playground for adventurous audio up-and-comers and veterans alike.

Over the years we have expanded the Big Shed, and it now houses our individual and collective work. Our combined credits include a nationally broadcast radio series, hosting radio programs, audio/multimedia slideshows, narration and voice-over, radio production education, teacher training, professional workshops, etc.

2010 saw Big Shed looking back at the successful launch of
The Place + Memory Project in partnership with NPR's Weekend Edition, as part of the Makers Quest from AIR, with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. We had opened our first international office in Montréal "Viva La Grande Grange!". And we had expanded our ranks from two principal producers to three, with the exciting addition of Jesse Dukes.

Moving forward, this website will showcase all the good stuff that makes up the Big Shed: the projects we're working on, the events we're involved in, the big shed podcast, and information on the services we offer clients.

Thanks for popping into the Shed. We're awfully glad to have you. Come back soon.

much shed love.
Jesse, Jennifer, and Shea